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Dowry Act and IPC Section 498a Misuse... [Dowry Prohibition Act misuse]

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DD Program on 15 th July'05 - 498a

Has she filed a false dowry case against your mother/sister, Riddick recommends a false rape case against her father/brother as the best alternative.
" In normal times, evil should be fought by good, but in times like this, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil. " - Riddick
Disclaimer : This site is dedicated to guide victims of IPC 498a. Victims mostly old parents, sisters and children need help, maintaining an unbiased Lawyer profiling is the most important step. The listed lawyers and users experience are received and stored with the help of the form below.            
Supreme court of india says : 498A - Legal terrorism kills mothers and sisters while gaining sympathy from the word "woman"
Men die in war to protect the country yet his country doesnt give equality of law in his own land that he strives to protect.

Official UN and Indian statistics say that Men between the age of 20 and 40 suicide twice more than women, yet there are feminist law like IPC Section 498a that makes men suicide more than women.

[Globally, rates for men are three times higher than those for women] I dont know what statistics they showed to indian lawmakers: ; Indian lawmakers your mother will perish by false IPC 498A like a worm if you try to bribe and change the statistics [BBC AND UN STATISTICS SAY SOWRY DEATH IS 3 TIMES DOWRY DEATH ]

IPC 498a and other indian law's Assumption : All men, mothers, sisters are all bad and liars and all pretty women[age 20-40] are good and only they need protection.

First time in the world a so called democratic country discriminates its people based on youth, sex and beauty.... Women over 40 dont be fooled, your nearest police and womens organization takes your support to jail you . IPC 498a is only for just married girls against all other girls/women in the family....
visit this web site: they help only pretty and young girls, there is no protection for sisters and mothers in India. IPC 498a can jail you. Mothers and sisters call that number and ask about IPC Sec 498a and you know how vulnerable you are to Daughter in law harassment.
Ask your lawyer there is currently no law in India to protect elders and children from this attack. There are 1000s of victims
Look in how many girl's parents want to sell their daughter to guys working abroad rather than promoting dating.
US: Men suicide 4 times than women.

Victims of Dowry Laws are Welcome to comment, post, help others.

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Ms Swaropa Rani of Vijaywada, A.P., India



Chandra mouli, Public Prosecutor Karnataka High Court, Bangalore
Asks for huge commision to settle the case.
Buzz word: pressure tactics, hijacking the opponent lawyer, >50lakhsRs.



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Victims, have faith we will win in the court of GOD.